• I have a question about your ‘Unlimited Animation’ package

    We have our own dedicated FAQ about our ‘Unlimited Animation’ package here. If you still have any questions that aren’t answered then please get in touch

  • How do I get started?

    Once you have paid your initial deposit we will ask you to fill out a spec sheet which will give us all the information we need about your business such as the message you are trying to get across to your audience, the style and tone you want to use and the key features and benefits of your product or service.  From this our copy writers will create a script that gets all this information across in a fun and easy to digest way.

  • What is the turnaround time after I purchase a video?

    A typical turnaround time is 4-5 weeks from start to finish.  It’s not an exact science however, and depends a lot on how quickly we can get feedback turned around from clients.  But you can expect to receive a finished video around a calendar month of starting the process.

  • Where are Mooviemakers based?

    Mooviemakers are based in Chester, in the North West of England. Our full address is:

    Address: 1 Overleigh Rd, Handbridge, Chester CH4 7HL

  • What if I’m not happy with the video you send me?

    Due to our consultation and multi-stage proofing process its highly unlikely this will be the case, however we do include unlimited rounds of revisions as standard in all our packages, so if you want to amend or change bits then that’s fine.

    We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you don’t have to pay the full balance for your video until you are happy with your video and have signed it off as completed.  Any major changes, for example if we need to record a new voice over or do changes to big chunks of completed animation after you have approved a script and/or voice over, may incur a charge. This will be calculated on a case-by-case basis.

    Please note that we do operate a 30 day proofing process, so if we don’t hear back from you within 30 days of the last proof then we reserve the right to deem your video approved.

  • What if my product or company details change down the line, do I have to pay for a new video?

    We’ll happily do minor changes for free, such as swapping an image or logo, or changing some of the text.  Any major changes, for example if we need to record a new voice over or do changes to big chunks of animation, may incur a charge.

  • The type of video I want doesn’t fit into any of your packages. Can you still help me?

    If what you need doesn’t quite fit into our packages then we’ll happily provide a custom quote.  If you get in touch through the contact form or by ringing us on 0800 138 1130 we’ll get back to you with a quote within 1 working day.

  • Do your prices include VAT?

    The prices displayed on our website are exclusive of VAT, and VAT will be added on for UK customers. If you are outside the UK you are not liable to pay UK VAT

  • Can I choose my voice over?

    We offer both male and female voice over talent, in a range of tones, styles accents and regional dialects, and you’ll be given a shortlist of voices to choose from.  If you have a preference then please let us know at the start of the production process and we’ll match up your voice over to your target audience.

  • Why do I need a video on my website?

    Few mediums are as effective as video in getting across your message.  Video connects with your audience in a way that written text can’t, and engages people instantly.  Visitors to your website are far more likely to watch a 60 second video than read a page of text, and as well as this you can use your video to extend your reach beyond your website.  Sharing your video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. will open you up to a new audience who might otherwise ignore you.  Video also has the added bonus of being proven to increase sales, enquiries and also your SEO rankings.

  • You mentioned video increases my SEO rankings. How?

    Video increases SEO in a number of ways.  In fact it has been shown to make you up to 53 times more likely to be on the front page of a Google search!  Firstly when you do a search for a product or service on a search engine like Google, it includes videos in its results.  Video results typically appear further up the rankings and also have higher prominence in search results, with a small thumbnail included in the list.

    Secondly, videos give you opportunity to get links, which are vital to your SEO rankings.  As you host your video on various sites you’ll get backlinks to your website which helps you get higher up search results.  Lastly, video gives you traffic, and drives people to your site.  As people watch it and share it on social media sites, more people will be exposed to your company and will click through to your website.

  • How will my final video be supplied?

    Typically we will supply your final video as a full 1080p High Definition digital file, specifically an .mp4 file encoded with the H.264 codec.  This is optimised for web streaming, and is the same type of file used by most popular internet video services like YouTube, Netflix or Vimeo.  If you need your video in a different format, such as DVD or broadcast, then we can provide your video in alternate formats as required.

  • How do I communicate with you?

    We have our own project management platform built into our website.  This is a place online where you can view proofs, provide feedback, upload assets and liaise with the various members of the team.  It’s a secure, password protected, easy to use platform that keeps the process streamlined.  It’s a lot simpler than having several email chains going backwards and forwards, and even has it’s own built in live chat facility and a mobile app so you can view things on your phone or tablet.  If you don’t like the sound of this, we always welcome a Skype or a good old fashioned phone call.

  • How involved will I be in the process?

    You can be as involved as you wish to be.  If you have a clear idea of what you want then we’d love your input in the creative process.  Our aim is to provide you with the video you want so we welcome any input you may have.  Alternatively if you aren’t sure exactly what you want, or maybe the world of video is new to you, then we’ll gladly take the initiative and come up with something for you.  A lot of our clients are startups who don’t necessarily have the wealth or corporate branding that some more established firms have, so we’ll help you out with this and create graphics and designs for you.

  • What kind of companies have you worked with before?

    Mooviemakers have worked with over 500 companies from all around the world.  We have produced content for high profile global brands, international charities and government agencies, right down to SME’s and startups.  Take a look at our examples page to see a selection of our previous clients.

  • What are the payment terms?

    We take an initial 50% deposit and the remaining 50% isn’t payable until you have received your finished video and have signed it off as completed. Payment methods are BACS or PayPal. We’re happy to defer the deposit payment until after you’ve seen a draft script from us. This gives you extra peace of mind as you can see how we are going to approach your project before you commit any money.

  • How much does a Mooviemakers video cost?

    All our prices are outlined on our Packages page, and are fixed costs.  This means the price you see is the full total amount payable, there are no hidden extras, bolt on or additional costs.