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Tom Scott and Mooviemakers

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes on YouTube then chances are you’ve seen a Tom Scott video. Tom is one of the worlds biggest YouTube stars, with around

Read this before posting your video online!

What You Need To Consider Before Posting Video Content Online Videos are now used significantly by businesses as a part of their marketing strategy as they are appealing, engaging and

6 Companies completely winning at Video

It is no surprise that many businesses make use of videos as a marketing tool in this age and time. The past year proved to be a great one in regards of business videos and here are some which particularly caught our eye and made it to our list of top videos in 2015.


Couplelizer is a great new concept in online dating. Just create a date, then invite people to join you, and the first one to accept goes on the date!

IT Media Services

IT Media Services specialise in getting those old memories from redundant media like VHS tapes, audio cassettes and cine film and backing them up in a format you can use.


Digimeal is a fantastic new service that enables students to create great meals using only three ingredients


Animated explainer video by Mooviemakers for Vehocheck, a great new web service that allows daily spot checks to be carried out quickly and easily, removing paper work and helping with compliance issues.

Buy For Business

Animated explainer video by Mooviemakers for Buy for Business, a web service that allows businesses to find products and services from trusted and reliable sources.

Vital Footprint – EU Regulations

Animated explainer video by Mooviemakers for Vital Footprint explaining how this service assists food vendors in compliance issues relating to displaying dietary requirements and allergen advice to the public

Vital Footprint

Animated explainer video by Mooviemakers for Vital Footprint, a fantastic service that lets food vendors easily display dietary requirements and allergen advice to consumers, as well as allowing potential diners to search for restaurants and cafes depending on their dietary needs.

Easy Safe Cert

Easy Safe Cert is a great new app designed by Gas Engineers, for Gas Engineers. Great new app demo video produced by Mooviemakers.

You’ve got your video. What now?

Chances are, if you’re reading this then you’ve realized how video is the best and most effective way of communicating with your audience, you’ve gone out and found an amazing video production company, and you’ve had a fantastic video made that tells your story perfectly. Now what?

Carrier Pigeon Magazine

The latest animated video by Mooviemakers is for the Carrier Pigeon Magazine, a great local publication that hand delivers 20,000 magazines to homes and businesses in the Preston, Blackburn and Ribble Valley areas every month!

Protect and Effect

Insurance Policies from Protect & Effect Ltd come with great rewards like gym memberships, cinema tickets and discounted holidays so you can actually save more money than the cost of

6 Simple ways to improve your conversions with a video

You probably already know how video is an amazing way of grabbing people’s attention and driving sales, in fact it’s probably the single most effective way of building your brand and marketing your business online.

The Inner Critic Doll

  New character animation video by Mooviemakers for ‘The Inner Critic Doll’. It allows you to vocalise all the negative thoughts your inner self tells you on a daily basis.

Animated video – the Key to Content Marketing

If you go to a party, no one likes the guy who turns up empty handed then eats all the food and drinks all the beer right? You need to be the guy who turns up with a few bottles to go around and some snacks to go with it. It’s the same online

5 reasons why ‘going viral’ is a bad idea

You’re probably familiar with the term ‘viral’ when talking about online video, that phenomenon when a video gets released, shared, tweeted, re-shared and before long has racked up thousands or even millions of views

Transport for London

Animated video for Transport for London outlining their new safety initiative for the construction industry

Live action vs Animation?

If you’ve decided to have a video created for your business then the first major decision you’re going to have to make is are you going to opt for a live action shoot or go down the animation route?

How to get more video views

If you’re reading this then the chances are you’ve already gone through the entire production stage of getting a video produced and you’re now the proud owner of an animated

The 5 things all great videos have in common

1 – They’re short. As Oscar Wilde once said, “brevity is the soul of wit”, so if you want your message to be clever and memorable then it’s a good idea to keep it short and concise.

Zero Calorie Food!

This amazing new product promises virtually zero calorie food! It could be the start of a new revolution in the diet industry

Swap toys you don’t use anymore with Toyzxchange

If you’ve got some toys lying around the house that aren’t being used then you can now swap them for new ones! Get rid of clutter and make your kids happy in one go. Fantastic. See more information about how it works in our latest animated video below.

Are you wasting money on print ads and SEO companies every month?

If you’re a small business the chances are you’re running on a pretty tight budget, and the pot of money you can dedicate towards marketing and advertising is going to be pretty small, or even non-existent. Nevertheless you’ll also be aware that there are a whole host of companies out there willing to take your money off you promising returns on your investment that will never amount to anything.

Explaining the rise of the Animated Video

Getting yourself heard on the Internet can be an uphill battle. If you’re like most people you spend a lot of time online, reading emails, checking social media, reading blogs and generally getting bombarded with information. The problem is so does everyone else.

Boost Sales, Enquiries and SEO with a Mooviemakers video

Boost Sales, Enquiries and SEO with a Mooviemakers video. It’s proven: Video increases customer engagement, enquiries and sales. When it comes to giving your website, and your business a boost, video is the single best investment you can make.

What’s the best length for your video?

The short answer is ‘long enough, but not too long’.  It’s incredibly difficult to gain and keep peoples attention online, and this is especially hard when you are trying to