Video production
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Plans designed to scale your business.

Get unlimited video content in any style, any duration, and priority access to a full video production team for less than the cost of employing one in-house junior member of staff.

£1295* per month. No long-term contract. Pause or cancel any time.

*Price excludes VAT

How it works

Sign up and request as many videos as you want. Queue them up in order of priority and we’ll work through them in record time. As soon as one video is finished, we move right on to the next one. Our subscription runs month-to-month, and you can pause or cancel any time.

You get priority lead times, and quick turnarounds. We follow the exact same production process as for our regular packages, and you get the same amazing quality.

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Membership Benefits

When you subscribe to our ‘Unlimited Animation’ package you aren’t just buying video content, you’re getting unrestricted access to a full video production team.

A full time copywriter

A team of illustrators

A team of animation specialists

A roster of voice over talent

A production manager

A sound engineer

All of this for £1295* per month, less than the cost of one junior full time employee, with no long term commitments and no fixed contract.

Estimated Project Time frames

No two projects are the same, and production times can vary depending on duration, complexity and also how quickly you can give us feedback.
These are ball park figures taken from over 10 years experience creating animated videos, so take these as a well informed estimate.

5 to 10 Second Animated Logo: 1 to 3 days
10 to 15 Second Social media Advert: 3 to 5 days
15 to 30 Second 2D Animated Video: 1 to 2 weeks
60-Second Mixed Media Video: 2 to 3 weeks
60-Second 2D Animated Explainer Video: 3 to 4 weeks
2-Minute 2D Animated Explainer Video: 4 to 6 weeks
30-Second 3D Animated Video: 1 to 2 months

Get Unlimited Animation Today for £1295* per month

Create without limits

With the Unlimited Animation package you can have a full video content marketing strategy, producing a constant flow of videos, each with a different purpose. Here are just a few examples of the type of video you can have:

Animated explainer video

App demo video

Software demo video

Product support video

Staff training video

Customer onboarding video

Mixed media video (video footage and images)

Video editing

Video post production

Social media posts

Pre-roll adverts

Animated logos

Animated website graphics

Sales pitch videos

Seasonal videos

Quick tip videos

Typography animations

You can constantly tailor your video output for one fixed price per month. You can focus on one long video one month, and the next month push out short weekly social media videos, or mix and match depending on your specific requirements.

Promote company updates, special offers and occasions by producing dedicated videos, and respond quickly to breaking news and events by quickly turning around relevant, shareable content. You have the power and flexibility of a full time internal video production department at your disposal for much less than the cost of a junior member of staff.

If you want to know more drop us a message and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day


  • Why wouldn’t I just hire a full time designer?

    The average salary for a motion designer in the UK is around £33,000 per year, and thats just for someone to do the design work. To create an effective video you’d also need to contract a professional copywriter, source voice over talent and project manage things yourself. You’d also need to buy expensive computer equipment, purchase software, cover your legal requirements as an employer (holiday entitlement, pension contributions, sick days etc) and after all this you might not even have enough work to keep them busy for 12 months of the year.

    With a monthly plan, you can pause and resume your subscription as often as you need to ensure you’re only paying for work when you need it.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    With our ‘Unlimited Animation’ subscription you pay online via card, Apple pay or Google pay. Alternatively you can set up a BACS direct debit. You pay in advance for the upcoming month, and payment gives you instant access to the service.

  • Can I schedule videos in advance?

    Yes. Although we work on one video at a time, but you are free to plan ahead and schedule a full video marketing strategy for the upcoming weeks and months.

  • What is the catch?

    There is no catch. The only restriction we place on this package is we work on one video at a time before moving on to the next. Aside from that you get unlimited access to our full video production department. You can have us create videos in any duration, in any style, and have as many videos as you need. All for one fixed monthly price.

  • How accurate are the ‘Estimated Project Time frames’?

    These are ball park figures from over 10 years experience creating animated videos, and are as accurate as we can give without context. However, no two projects are the same. If a project contains a lot of very complicated graphics that need creating, we need multiple revisions, or if you need to get feedback and sign off from multiple people at your end, then that can cause project times to slip. Conversely, if a project is very simple in scope then project times can be quicker than advertised.

  • What is the difference in quality between videos produced under this package compared to your standard packages?

    There is no difference in quality. The videos are made by the same team, to the same standards as our regular videos.

  • Can I get one video in a month then cancel?

    Yes! There are no long terms contracts or commitments. Your subscription rolls from one month to the next, you can cancel at any time, and you get as much content as we can produce for that month. If you want to try it for one month then cancel that is fine. See our estimated time frames above for an idea of how long a single video might take.

  • I’m from an agency and want to resell/white label content for my clients. Can I do this under your Unlimited Animation package?

    Yes. We can, and do, provide a white label service for other agencies. You are free to resell or white label our content for the same one off monthly price. Save on your internal staffing costs by outsourcing your video production requirements to Mooviemakers.

  • What If I Already Have My Own Script Written?

    That’s great. Having your own script just means that your video can be completed faster than our estimated timeframes and can move on to your next video sooner – ultimately lowering the cost for you.

  • Why Would I Need More Than One Video?

    Having one explainer video on your homepage is great, but video content is now dominating the web. Social media is increasingly video based and the need for video in every business is never-ending. And if you’re not making video a big part of your content marketing strategy, your competitors certainly are.

  • How many videos can I get per month?

    This depends on the duration and complexity of the content required. You could potentially have one 60-90s explainer video per month, or multiple shorter social media videos.

  • Can I get vertical videos for TikTok or YouTube shorts produced?

    Yes, we can produce any size of video for any platform. If you need vertical videos for YouTube Shorts or TikTok this is no problem.

  • What happens if I don’t need a video one month?

    You can pause your subscription at any time, there are no long terms contracts or commitments. If you pause mid-project we will give you all the work produced up to that point and we can resume production if and when you decide to renew.

  • Is it cheaper to go ‘Unlimited’ over your standard packages?

    Our ‘Unlimited Animation’ package is aimed at clients who need large volumes of content delivering regularly, and need the stability a fixed monthly cost. For one-off videos, or occasional content, our standard packages will be more appropriate.

  • We only want one long video, can we have this under your ‘Unlimited Animation’ package?

    Yes, you can have content of any duration. You can have one long video that might take several months to complete, or a series of short videos. You have full discretion as to how to utilise the service.

  • Do you increase your production times for subscribers?

    No, the opposite. Subscribers to the “unlimited Animation’ package get priority lead times to ensure you get maximum value for money.

  • Do we still get access to production assets?

    Yes, whatever we create, you get full access to. If we design a set of characters or icons, you get full usage rights to these production assets and can use them in future marketing.

  • I might just want you to design assets one month. Can you do this?

    Yes, you get full access to our in house design department. If you don’t need a video but still want to utilise your subscription then we can just write copy for you, or design graphics for other marketing material.

  • What happens if we cancel mid-project?

    You can cancel at any time and we will give you all the work produced up to that point, or we can resume production if you decide to continue.

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