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About Us Mooviemakers

As one of the premier animation studio in the industry, we’ve established ourselves as a key player in the field of explainer video production. Our journey began in 2012, and ever since, we’ve been at the forefront, continuously innovating and pushing boundaries. Our hub, nestled in the heart of Chester in the North West of England, is where the magic happens.

We’ve collaborated with an impressive array of businesses, from multinational corporations such as Adidas, Vodafone, and McDonald’s, to important charities like Brake, Shelter, and RAD. Our reach extends to major educational institutions like UCL, London Business School, and De Montfort University, and we’ve also partnered with public and government agencies like The European Commission, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, The European Research Area, and London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Numerous SME’s and startups have also benefited from our tailored packages.

Our talented team of animators and videographers create captivating videos, complemented by top-notch audio and special effects, that truly resonate with viewers. We excel at transforming complex concepts into simple and engaging narratives through our explainer videos. We believe in the power of storytelling, and we meticulously craft our artworks to ensure that every video we produce is a masterpiece.

Our assets include not only our advanced animation tools but also our passionate professionals who give their all to every project. We believe in the strength of our animated videos to effectively communicate your business’ story and broaden your reach. Here at Mooviemakers, we’re all about bringing your stories to life.


Steve started Mooviemakers back in 2012 and still does a lot of the production work, as well as being the main point of contact for clients.


Mark is a multi talented designer with a background in graphic design. Mark does Illustration as well as producing animated video content.


Sam has a multi-disciplined arsenal of experience, including 3D modelling & rendering, Character and Graphic Design. Sam specialises in 2D explainer animations.


Paul is our copywriter, getting inside the minds of clients, working out what they’re actually trying to say and making it more straightforward (and even fun).

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We create animated explainer videos that help you explain and promote your business, service product or app.

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