Wirex is a new mobile app that lets you spend crypto currency the same way you would use traditional money.

The new Nu Notes app lets you record notes anywhere and easily organise them into notepads.

Kubik is an ultra lightweight and affordable mp3 player.  Perfect for running, traveling, or anywhere you don’t want to use your phone.

Konnect is a great new app that makes it simple to combine all your social media contacts in one place.

Volow is a brilliant new e-reading platform that works across all your devices.  Aimed at the business market it features all the latest and best business related publications.

HR Online uses cloud based software to take all the hassle out of your HR and recruitment work.  Check out our app demo video for more details

Forget business cards, out typographic videos are a much more memorable way to introduce yourself!

Nu Notes is a great app that lets you scan, save and share your handwritten notes.  Download for IOS and Android today

Step4Success is a modern and exciting solution for your marketing needs.  This typography animation tells you all you need to know!

Pocket Phonics Stories is a great new iPad app from the team at Pocket Phonics that teaches young children how to read and write.  It uses the phonics system used in schools around the world, and by teaching them letter sounds they’ll be reading before you know it!