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Boost Sales, Enquiries and SEO with a Mooviemakers video

It’s proven:  Video increases customer engagement, enquiries and sales.  When it comes to giving your website, and your business a boost, video is the single best investment you can make.

Why use Web Video?

The stats speak for themselves.  Numerous research has been carried out to prove the effectiveness of web video, and has shown some remarkable results.  Video offers enormous benefits to sales, enquiries, SEO results and improving brand image.  Here are some of the standout figures:

Internet Retailer reports that shoppers who viewed video on Stacks and Stacks product pages were 144% more likely to add to cart than other shoppers. (Internet Retailer, March 2011).
Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. (Internet Retailer, April 2010)
Video results appear in about 70% of the top 100 listings, the type of content most often displayed in universal or blended search results. (Marketingweek, 2011)
Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%. (Implix 2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey)
According to Cisco, video will increase from 30% of Internet traffic to 90% of Internet traffic by 2013. (Cisco, 2010)
33% of online retailers plan to add video to their sites in 2010, making it a higher priority than any other advanced feature. (eMarketer, March 2010) saw a 44% increase in online sales conversions by using videos to showcase their products. (Internet Retailer, January 2009)

Web video improves SEO

Google loves video.  Websites with video have been shown to be up to 53 times more likely to be on the first page of a Google search, and video alone can improve your SEO rankings by as much as 45%.  Did you know what the second search engine behind Google is?  You might be surprised to know its YouTube, so if you don’t have a presence on there then you and your company are missing out.  Video content is a great way to get people talking and sharing information about your company, and increases engagement with posts on social media by up to 970%.

Why use Mooviemakers?

Mooviemakers have a different approach to other animated video production companies.  We have fixed prices for all our video products, this means business owners can keep control of costs and get a great animated video for a one off low price.  Our costs are fully transparent with no added extras or hidden charges and include everything you need for a great video.  Each video package from Mooviemakers comes inclusive of the following:

Script-writing service

The script is the most important part of your video.  It contains the message the viewer will take away and all the unique selling points you and your company has to offer.  At Mooviemakers we have dedicated scriptwriters who will analyse your product or service then go away and construct a short, snappy, engaging script that quickly gets across your message in an easy to digest way.

Professionally recorded voice over

A good quality voice over for your video can be expensive, but Mooviemakers include this service in all our animated  packages.  Great voice over talent can really bring a script to life and give your animated video a polished, professional feel, and at Mooviemakers we give you the choice of Male or Female voice over with a variety of accent choices to suit your product or service.

Video Production

Mooviemakers offer a complete bespoke video production service.  We can use your existing company branding and create stunning video content that brings your brand to life, and gets across your message in an engaging and entertaining way.  Don’t worry if you don’t have extensive artwork or imagery, Mooviemakers can provide a complete design service to your specification.  We proof out our videos to you along the way so you end up with an animated video you are perfectly happy with, and any changes are, of course, included in the price.  We deliver all our final videos in full HD 1080p format optimized for web streaming so your video can be viewed on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Backing Music

The right backing track for your video gives it the finishing touch and sets the tone for the video, but it can be tricky to choose the right one.  There are literally millions of royalty-free tracks out there to choose from, but luckily Mooviemakers handle all this for you.  We will carefully select a track that suits the feel of your video and include it in the final version for you, and again this is included in the low fixed price.

Sound effects

If your video bumps, beeps or squeaks then we’ll make sure we find the right SFX to go along with the animation.  It’s these little touches that give Mooviemakers videos their slick, professional feel.

What can a Mooviemakers video do for your website?

A video on your homepage will instantly engage customers.  Rather than read pages and pages of text they can watch a 60 second animated video that gets across your message in an engaging and entertaining way, and on top of this when they perform a Google search for businesses like yours, a Mooviemakers video will instantly make your business stand out over your competitors.  But the most important thing a Mooviemakers video can offer is a boost in sales, and websites with videos have been proven to increase conversions by 85%.  The figures speak for themselves; the only question is can you afford not to have a video?

About Mooviemakers

Mooviemakers is an animated video production company based in Kendal, UK that produces animated web videos for websites, mobile apps, products and services.  We have produced hundreds of videos for satisfied clients, both within the UK and abroad.  Our Global clients have been from as far afield as the USA, Australia, Russia, Nigeria and Egypt to name a few, and Mooviemakers has been operating since 2011.  For more information please visit our website or email us at [email protected]