6 Companies completely winning at Video

It is no surprise that many businesses make use of videos as a marketing tool in this age and time. With the advancement of technology, rise of social media and consumers demanding an online presence from the businesses they deal with, there are many inspiring and creative videos that have been created to depict a business in the best light possible.  Here’s a few companies that have risen to the top and are completely winning the video game so far in 2015


This health insurance company made an effective explainer video to reach out to its target audience and explain what Oscar is all about. It is a short fun video that grabs the viewers’ attention and keeps them engrossed.


Detour has been set up for you to explore the world in a new way. You are provided with gorgeous audio walks in the San Francisco Bay Area that discloses unique stories, people, and places. Their innovative video creation explains this in the best possible way with unique voiceovers and appealing features that will keep you captivated.


Yoobi is a kids stationary and office supplies shop that is working towards education in a unique and powerful way. Their video highlights the purpose Yoobi stands for, with the concept of supporting global education.


TransferWise is providing a great service of transferring money around the world by avoiding bank fees, and they have seemed to make the perfect video to get the message across. The mix of 2D and 3D animation that they have used makes the video visually appealing, getting the message across in a simple and engaging manner.


This company claim to be ‘Tinder for Marketers’ and they kept this concept alive by creating a video where icons and non-human characters connect in a romantic way. It’s a short, easy to understand video which makes use of interesting graphics to get its message across.

Preoday for Takeaways

This 2-minute animation is an amazing video as it gets its message across in the most interesting and visually appealing manner. There are no voiceovers, only soft music throughout and written guidelines about how a restaurant can benefit by creating their own branded app and taking orders online.

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