Are you wasting money on print ads and SEO companies every month?

If you’re a small business the chances are you’re running on a pretty tight budget, and the pot of money you can dedicate towards marketing and advertising is going to be pretty small, or even non-existent.  Nevertheless you’ll also be aware that there are a whole host of companies out there willing to take your money off you promising returns on your investment that will never amount to anything.


There are the print advertising companies charging you thousands of pounds for a small half page advert in a local publication.  If you’ve been suckered into this one then I’ve got bad news for you, despite what the salesperson told you it will only ever get seen by half a dozen people and they’re pretty unlikely to do anything when they do see it.  I mean, lets face it, when was the last time you responded to one of those adverts?  You might as well throw your money out of the window because you’ll never see it again!


If you’ve any sense you’ll be looking online to promote your business.  Google is the first place most people look these days when they’re after a product or service, so you might have decided that an SEO company will do the business for you.  Well, again you’re probably going to be in for a nasty surprise.  Most SEO companies will gladly take a hefty monthly fee from you, normally hundreds of pounds per month, but results aren’t guaranteed and if you’re in a highly competitive sector then things can get really expensive.  And as soon as you stop paying them all that work gradually fades away and you’re back to square one.


Luckily there is a better end more efficient way to invest that money by using an animated video.  It’s a one off cost that’s cheaper than print, will reach more people and will last forever, not just a few weeks or months.  If your company has an entertaining and engaging animated video to show off then you can share it online.  Then other people will share it too, because its fun, they enjoyed it and they want other people to watch it.  This leads to great word of mouth exposure, which we all know is the only tried and tested way of getting your name out there.


For small businesses it’s a win win, spending less money and getting better exposure from it.  If you’d like more information on how an animated video can help you promote your business then head over to where you can see some great examples of previous videos as well as some stats that might surprise you!