Steven is a US/Canadian voice over artist who is able to capture either General North American or British accents; as well as, the mid-Atlantic dialect.  His voice has been described as charming, conversational, calm, authoritative and professional.

Andy is a USA based voice actor who has the perfect ‘guy next door’ voice. Energetic and friendly with lots of ‘pep’.

Billy is a US voice over with a confident, friendly and relatable style.

Paul has a neutral accent with a professional tone.  Great for corporate and B2B work

My voice is best described as fresh, natural and conversational, sitting in the late 20s to late 30s age range.

Neutral English British Accent RP (Modern BBC). Friendly and upbeat in style.

Paul’s style is often described as warm and natural with a 30s to 50s age range. His native voice over accent is Lancashire though most of the voice over work he undertakes is more neutral in style.