Animated video – the Key to Content Marketing

Getting noticed online is hard.  The chances are if you’ve got a product or a service then there are going to be at least a few other people out there doing the same thing as you or similar.  If you ask around you’ll probably get a few different opinions on what to do to get noticed, but in the last few years a growing consensus has emerged online that to really be rewarded with traffic to your website you need to be a content creator, and that means utilising content marketing.

Content marketing simply means creating high quality, relevant, useful and original content that will appeal to your audience and make them want to engage with your business.  It’s just no good these days to simply create a website, build a few back links to it and hope that you slowly climb the Google rankings.  Recent updates to search engine algorithms mean that it now rewards content over pretty much anything else, so if you have a website then you need to keep it updated with regular content that best fulfils the needs of people searching for what you do.  Put it this way, if you go to a party, no one likes the guy who turns up empty handed then eats all the food and drinks all the beer right?  You need to be the guy who turns up with a few bottles to go around and some snacks to go with it.  It’s the same online.

Think about it logically, if you go to a search engine like Google and type something in, what do you want to see at the top of the results page?  Is it the website that has thousands of back links and perfect on site SEO but perhaps might not actually contain useful information, or hasn’t been updated in years?  Or is it a website that contains lots or rich, unique content relevant to you and is bang up to date.  Google and the other search engines are getting extremely good at figuring out what are good relevant websites in its customers eyes and what are simply websites trying to cheat and manoeuvre their way to the top rankings.  If you want to be rewarded in search engine results then content marketing is now essential, not just as a one off thing but as a continual part of your marketing strategy.  You need to be seen as a contributor to the online community, rather than dead weight.

Content marketing encompasses lots of things; blog posts, infographics, eBooks, but perhaps the most valuable tool in the content marketers ammunition is animated video.  Animated video is a tool that not only gives you great search engine results, but it works for you in every aspect of your marketing strategy.  It’s a great tool onsite, keeping visitors to your website engaged, entertained and informed about your company, but it also works off site too, giving you social media likes and shares, and boosting your brand image.

What was once considered a luxury is now an essential criteria.  Nowadays visitors to websites actively look for animated videos as a matter of course, and they get more engagement than any other type of social media post. People love them. You’ve probably noticed yourself that you’re more likely to watch, like or share a video online than you are someone else’s status or photo album.

It’s important to create content that is actually worth consuming though. There is absolutely no point in creating graphics, images or videos with your name attached to it if they are of low quality.  They will either get ignored or worse, they could have have a negative influence on your carefully crafted brand identity.  If you’re not confident about creating your own content then there are a multitude of agencies out there that will try and create content for you.  At Mooviemakers we pride ourselves on creating awesome animated explainer videos to show off what you do, and we have a great track record in creating high quality, bespoke videos that make you look awesome online.  Check out our examples to see for yourself what we can do.

Content marketing is definitely not a 2-week fad; it’s here to stay.  The Internet has evolved and savvy surfers demand more and more content at every turn.  Don’t let yourself get left behind with an outdated website dominated by text and stock imagery, start joining the content marketing revolution, and be a contributor to the internet, rather than just a consumer.