Explaining the rise of the Animated Video

Getting yourself heard on the Internet can be an uphill battle.  If you’re like most people you spend a lot of time online, reading emails, checking social media, reading blogs and generally getting bombarded with information.  The problem is so does everyone else.  To make sure you’re the message that jumps out at them you need to be a bit different, a bit eye-catching, and most importantly entertaining.


This is where animated video can come in.  Video is a tried and tested way of engaging your audience, with stacks of figures out there to back up its effectiveness.  You’ve probably noticed yourself that you’re more inclined to watch a video on YouTube or next to a product you want to buy rather than have to read stacks of text.  It’s just an easier way to digest information.  Live action video is a great when done well, however it’s not without its drawbacks.  Firstly, because of the amounts of expensive equipment involved it can be really expensive, and slow to produce, and you’re limited to what you can film if you’re on a tight budget.


Animated video opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  Firstly it’s relatively cheap to produce.  Mooviemakers videos are all fixed prices, so you can really keep on top of the costs from day one.  As well as this the only limitation on what can be produced is what you can imagine in you head so you never have to throw away an idea because it seems too fantastical.  Original and clever animation gives a slick, professional feel to any website and really gives your brand a boost.


When someone gets introduced to your company you’ve got a few seconds to grab their attention.  This is your golden window of opportunity and its vital you have something to stick in their mind.  An animated video of 60-90 seconds can tell a potential customer everything about you and your company, and connect with them in a way written text just can’t.  It doesn’t have to explain in detail every aspect of your company, rather give a brief overview of what you do in a way that entertains them and makes them want to know more.


Animated videos are on the rise for this very reason.  They’ve proven to be an effective and affordable way of increasing traffic to websites, increasing sales and also search engine rankings.  We think they’re great, although we might be a little bias!