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A cost effective, professionally produced video for all your members for only £75+VAT

About Mooviemakers

Mooviemakers are an animated video production company based in Chester, UK. Established in 2012, we produced fixed price video packages designed to engage and inform viewers about businesses, products, services and software. We’ve worked with global brands such as Adidas, Vodafone and Benefit Cosmetics to name a few, as well as government agencies, charities and hundreds of SME’s and start-ups.

The Background

A couple of years ago, Mooviemakers were approached to make a video for The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) to promote the findings of a large piece of market research they had undertaken, and to highlight the benefits to businesses of using promotional merchandise. The BPMA have approximately 500 members in the UK. The original video can be viewed here

The video was fully bespoke, with all the design and animation done in-house by Mooviemakers. During production it became apparent that not only was this video going to be useful to the BPMA, but a video of this type would also be useful to member organisations to promote their own individual businesses.

Whilst each member of the BPMA runs independent of each other, essentially, they operate the same business – they all sell promotional merchandise.

If they all separately produced their own bespoke videos the content would be broadly the same in each one. The cost of a typical animated explainer can range anywhere from £1000-£3000+VAT for a minute of content, so for each member organisation to do this individually would be inefficient, not cost effective, and may even be unattainable for them

What we did

We produced the BPMA video so that it was easily adaptable. This allowed us to offer the video to member organisations in such a way that they could tailor the video with their logos, colour scheme and contact details, and distribute it as ‘their’ video.

This semi-template approach allowed us to produce these videos at scale and at a cost that would otherwise be unfeasible for us.

It was a huge success. Mooviemakers ended up producing around 120 videos for member organisations. Each member got a video that was high quality, branded with their branding, and was a new and engaging way of interacting with their customers. It gave BPMA members a presence on YouTube, gave them a focal point for their websites, and gave them something to base marketing campaigns around.

These videos are still being used to this day.

The Follow Up

The project was so popular that we produced a second video a year later, this one focused around promotional clothing. You can see the original video here

Again this was offered to all BPMA members and the uptake was, again, huge.

What we can offer you?

Your organisation is similar to the BPMA in that you represent a large number of similar businesses that could benefit from a promotional video to market themselves online. These businesses, whilst independent and unique, share common ground and have similar offerings, and therefore we can approach this in a similar vein to the BPMA project.

This initial ‘master’ video will be produced for FREE by Mooviemakers with each member paying a small fee to get their individual copy branded to their company.

For £75+VAT your members would receive a 60-90s video complete with:

  • Professional voice over
  • Branded with their own logos
  • Their own colour scheme
  • Their own contact details/web address/CTA at the end of the video
  • Featuring their own photos/images if required

This is a massive discount on our standard rates of £1995+VAT per minute, and this offer is only available to members of large organisations of over 200 companies.


This is one of those opportunities that benefits everyone involved.

For your members – They get a professionally produced animated video for only £75+VAT. They get a tool to help market their business on social media, in email campaigns, and on their own website.

This is an asset that will still be generating ROI years down the line for a very low capital expenditure. Less than the cost of a small local monthly print ad.

For your organisation – You get to offer this video to your members as something that can only be achieved through membership of your organisation. This is another unique member benefit, and another link in the relationship between you and your members.

For Mooviemakers – Whilst we are reducing our standard rates significantly, the volume of members involved makes this commercially viable for us.

Why video?

Video is now an essential part of marketing any business. Social media is increasingly video based, customers expect businesses to have video content on their websites, and videos are more shareable and more memorable than text-based websites.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world (only behind Google), so having a presence on there is seen as vital to any business.

What would you have to do?

All you would be required to do is to be involved in a consultation roll to agree on the best content to include in the video, and to provide feedback on the content we produce. Mooviemakers would take the lead on all the creative fronts, and would supply scripts, bespoke design, voice overs, animation, music, SFX and also any revisions as required.

You would also be asked to promote this offer to their members, and to direct them to Moviemakers to claim their video at the discounted rate.

What are the next steps?

If you would like to hear more detail about how this would work please drop us an email at [email protected], fill out the contact form below, or let us know when you are free for a call. We can go through the finer details and answer any questions you may have.

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