Why do you need an animated web video?

There are so many benefits of animated web videos for your business that you simply cannot ignore it any more. A few of these benefits have been detailed here.

1.    Enhance conversion ratio – You are able to increase your conversion ratio. It has already been scientifically proved that when customers see an animated video about the product or service they intend to buy, they are more inclined to purchase it.

2.    Generate interest – There is no doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words. People are more interested in watching animated web videos than reading text. This way you generate more interest as well as get more people on your site.

3.    Explain better- You might be very good with words. But still people tend to interpret it differently. This is because people tend to go through a text with their own perceptions. Once there is an animated web video, all ambiguity tends to go away. This is real good news for any business.

4.    Get higher SEO rankings – All businesses are well aware of the importance of SEO rankings. Plain texts and images find it very difficult to rank in higher ratings in SEO. On the other hand, animated web videos tend to get much higher SEO rankings. It is common knowledge that higher the SEO ranking more will be the traffic to your site. This leads to more conversions and increased sales for your business.

5.    Higher retention- It is common knowledge that moving pictures are retained in mind for a longer time than plain text or even images. Higher retention means that people will tend to discuss your site much more in case any such topic comes up. This means that word of mouth will increase considerably for your specific products and services.

6.    Enhanced sharing – It is so easy and more interesting to share animated web videos. This is so much more interesting than sharing plain boring texts or images. In addition to sharing these on the internet, you can also share these on smartphones, tablets and such other electronic gadgets. Since this is so important, make sure that you employ a proper web animation video company for doing this work for you.

7.    Showcase your personality – A big drawback with online businesses is a lack of personal touch. But an animated web video can change it all now. People will be able to associate a face and voice to your business. This lets your viewers associate with you in a more personal way. Any business person knows how important personalization is for the survival and sustenance of their business. This also helps your customers to build up trust in you. All this translates into higher sales and profits for your business.


Hence it is quite obvious that animated web video scores much higher than a plain text or even an image. This is something that simply cannot be ignored. You need to integrate it into your marketing strategy at once.