6 Simple ways to improve your conversions with a video

You probably already know how video is an amazing way of grabbing people’s attention and driving sales, in fact it’s probably the single most effective way of building your brand and marketing your business online.

However, there are a few little things you should consider to really maximize the results you get from your video content.  Check out our short guide to see how you can increase your conversions and get the maximum return on your investment.


1. Use plain English

One of the most important factors in any successful video is the ability to communicate your message in an easy to digest way, and that means speaking the same language as your viewer.  You might be tempted to use ‘marketing speak’ or industry jargon, but in reality people are incredibly switched on to recognising that type of false marketing lingo, to the point that it has become incredibly cliché and people switch off when they sense it.

No one wants to hear about your ‘synergy’ or how you are ‘big enough to cope, small enough to care’.  Use genuine, straightforward English, the same way you would when you talk to a potential customer face to face.  It’ll carry much more weight and sound a whole lot more natural, and result in a greater connection with your audience.

2.  Keep it short

You need to be concise in your message.  In the same way that people are savvy when it comes to marketing language, they’re also bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every day and are incredibly adept at filtering out what they consider boring or irrelevant.  You’ve only got about a minute of peoples time before they’ll quickly lose interest, no matter how good your video, so try and keep things simple and to the point.  Generally as a rule of thumb 2 minutes is the absolute maximum time for an explainer video.

3.  Talk about benefits, not features

Customers don’t care about features.  It might be a painful and slightly annoying thing to accept, but in reality all people care about is what is in it for them.  How will your product improve their lives?  Think about the lottery, no one cares how it works or the nuances of each game.  All they care about is that they might get rich if they play it.  Tell people how your product will help them and you’ll get a much greater response

4.  Choose the right type of video

There is more than one kind of explainer video out there, and at Mooviemakers we have a few different packages that try and differentiate between the needs of our clients.  If you’ve got a mobile app or a website app you want to demonstrate then our App demo video package is the one for you.  If you want something more intricate then our Custom Animation package is more for you.  It’s not a one size fits all so consider what you need to do and choose accordingly.

5.  Use a character to tell a story

People love stories, and having a character that potential customers can relate to is a great way of connecting with your audience.  They can walk, talk, interact with each other and face the same problems and situations your customers do.  Videos with characters in are great for holding peoples attentions as people can associate better with an onscreen person more so than with graphics and text.  It might not work in every scenario, but it’s definitely a great way of telling your companies story in an engaging way.

6.  Have a call to action.

Your call to action, or CTA, is an integral part of any video.  It normally comes right at the end of your video and it’s your way of getting your viewer to follow up on what you’ve been saying and turn from a viewer into a sale.  You need to have a clear and concise CTA, so make it clear what you want them to do.  Do you want them to visit a website?  Telephone a number?  Sign up for a trial?  Don’t confuse your CTA by including multiple options or trying to pull people in three different ways.  It’s tempting to ask people to email you, ring you, sign up for the mailing list and visit 3 different social media sites, but if you do this you’ll be wasting all your god work up till now.  Have one killer CTA and you’ll get much greater rewards.


Need any further help?

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